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STM KOREA IND. CO.,LTD. established in 1982 in KOREA is the
professional design manufacture of the various test equipment. Main product are
Hydraulic Testing Equipments for Aggregate, Asphalt, Soil, Concrete, Cement, tensile
strength testing machineries and Laboratory Equipments. in the past 26 years,
STM's testing machine help lot of enterprise in developing a variety of product
with high quality and high attached value. STM totally devote to the details of every manufacturing process to carry out the expectation of the customer.
meantime we persist in permanently the constant quality target "to provide the superior equipment to raise all the enterprises competition advantage".
STM is the best solution for creating your competition advantage in the market.

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그리고 풍부한 경험과 기술로 최고의품질로 보다 정확하고 안정된 제품을 공급하겠습니다.
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